USA Guar Gum, LLC is headquartered in Houston, TX with an emphasis on providing and manufacturing hydraulic fracturing, stimulation and coiled tubing chemicals. We offer common and specialty chemicals at competitive pricing to meet your custom specifications. At USA Guar Gum we pride ourselves in the following core values: client-focused relationships, quality-control measures, uncompromising customer service and cost-effective options.



At USA Guar Gum, we pride ourselves on our uncompromising customer service with an expert team that is committed to ensure our high standards are congruent with yours. Our support and experience offer unmatched capabilities that will not only deliver a quality product, but will afford a cost-effective option for your bottom-line.


We offer uncompromising quality controls measures that safeguard and adhere to all regulations. Extensive and rigid inspection is done on our part in order to assure our products, service and quality comply with your expectations.